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Some kind of best of - 80%

LordPain, October 31st, 2004

At first I should mention that I did hear the “Leichenlager“ Album and the original “Scharlachrotes Kleid“ track, before I heared the “Fleischfestival” EP. So I also have already a opinion about 3 of the 5 tracks.

The first Tracks (Des Heilands Haut, Zeit Zu Spielen) are from the next album „Leichenlager“.
The third track is from the “Zerfall” Album/”Das Ende Des Weges“ Demo, the fourth track is from the “Fleischhaus” single and the last track is from the “Krebskolonie” Album.

The first track “Des Heilands Haut” is the same track like on the next Album “Leichenlager” just the intro was changed, instead of “Eisregen präsentiert Fleischfestival” says Roth on the “Leichenlager” track “Es hat wieder begonnen”. This track was the first I did hear from Eisregen at all and in my opinion it can be called a typical “new”, everything after the “Black Metal era”, Eisregen track. The song has the typical vocals, the typical extreme metal sound with the violin and of course the typical gory lyrics.
This song is good but not really great 08/10 points

I liked this song also on the „Leichenlager“ album but this version of „Zeit zu Spielen“ is much better than the version, which was used on the album. I don’t know how much the music is different in this two versions, but I guess it’s identical. They changed the vocals so the vocals are more insane than normal and in my opinion this vocals go better with the maniac in the lyrics than the “original” vocals. I really liked this song 10/10 in my opinion one the best song on this EP.

Herzblut 2000 is the third track of this EP. Eisregen made this song moderner than the original from the “Zerfall” Album. Actually I liked this song but not this version, they used keyboards/synthesizer and drum computer etc. and of course this, the track sounds really electronic and I don’t like this. But it gets 07/10 points because I like the original version.

The fourth track “Fleischhaus“ is one of the two tracks i never heared before and also now i don’t know now the original version. But I like this version of the song. After a normal riff were the guitar is in the forground, the violin and the drums get in the foreground. But after some time the violin get very low and airless in the background and the guitars get again more in the foreground.
This song starts with a normal speed and ends with a really fast speed for Eisregen songs. I like the riffs, the violin and the speed change at this song, 09/10 points in my opinion is this song is also one of three the best songs on this EP.

The last track “Scharlachrotes Kleid“ is actually the same like the orginal version from the “Krebskolonie” album. But this “Schopfheim Version” has a more powerful sound and specially the Violin are more powerful and more in the foreground. Last but least this version is faster than the original and also 1 minute shorter, i guees this shows how much faster it is. This song is a very good remake of the original and one of the three best songs of this album 10/10 points

Result: Actually a very good Eisregen EP with typical new Eisregen music and typical german, gory lyrics, totally 08/10 points. I guees the Fleischfestival EP is specially interessing for people, which never listing to Eisregen and for totally Eisregen maniacs which could be interested in the new versions of the 4 songs. People which already own a Eisregen Album of the “new era” don’t need this EP.
It’s hard to get this EP except with the re-release of the Krebskolonie album !

LordPain, October, 31st 2004