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This is... well... strange. - 59%

kraileth, August 28th, 2007

Eisregen have been constantly changing their sound, but not always for the better. I still like their new style (the albums after 'Farbenfinsternis') although the newer material is clearly less aggressive. The use of the piano on 'Blutbahnen' however is brilliant and fits perfectly into the songs, four of which are also on this EP.

Now on this EP there is only one new song: 'Eine erhalten'. The rest of the CD is made up with 'Blutbahnen'-songs in an alternative vocals-version ("Alternative Gesangsversion"). This means that the songs that had mostly clean vocals on the album were recorded with harsh vocals for this EP and vice versa. 'Schlachthaus-Blues' (slaughterhouse blues in English), Blutbahnen (bloodlines) and 'Schneutz den Kasper!' (blow the punch's nose!) are sung with harsh vocals on the EP and 'Alphawolf' (alpha leader wolf) with clean vocals.

Taking a brief look at the cover I was surprised at what Eisregen are up to with this. It is very different from any Eisregen cover up to now and it surely doesn't fit at all for a band that sings about blood and gore. Unfortunately I was right with my concerns: Eisregen tries to be funny! And as if stupid lyrics were not bad enough the song is utterly stupid stupid from the musical side as well. "Eisregen goes party!" If it wasn't for the growling part this song could well be played on any local pop party - what is not exactly what you'd expect from a black metal band... So just skip the "yeah baby!"-first track.

The other tracks are musically identical to those on the album. 'Schneutz den Kasper!' together with the useless 'Eine erhalten' are the downside of this EP. 'Schlachthaus-Blues' sounds pretty well with the harsh vocals and so does 'Blutbahnen' that is a little less boring than on the album. Alphawolf is a good song but this version is not as good as the album version. However it might be a nice variation now and then.

Conclusion: 2 bad songs, 1 decent one and two good ones. Eisregen fans will surely get this CD nevertheless and most of the other people probably won't buy an EP anyway. But if you consider buying it you should maybe think about it again. If you like the album 'Blutbahnen' and want the alternative versions, this EP may be something for you. If you thought about buying it mostly for the new song on it - stay away.