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only 2 songs, but worth checking out. - 54%

tallhagillani, January 14th, 2008

If there would have been few more songs here and this would have been a full length album, then this would had made some major fuss in its time, these are very good songs, signature viking metal songs. All the things that are essential for good viking metal sound are present in these two songs, the epicness is here, the chants are here, some folk elements, immaculate musicianship and harsh vocals, they're all here.

Both of the songs start off slow but as these songs progress you can feel the viking spirit in them, you can hear out that every instrument is doing justice with the overall music, this is the first time I've seen (heard) that bass is adding this much to the songs in metal. Even though there're only two songs on this EP, but they're worth checking out for only die hard Einherjer fans but you should waste money on these songs just download it and enjoy. If you want something that is worth your money then you should but their next EP, Far, Far North, because that EP, has both of these songs with much better production and a third song as well which is really nice.