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Yes ! Eidolon are "back on track" again. - 85%

Nightrunner, June 3rd, 2006

Yees ! Finally, after three years Eidolon are back again, first album with new vocalist Nils K Rue. And even better is that they here have done another killer album, a lot better and not at all as monotonous as the 2003’s disappointing album “Apostles of Defiance". Everything has changed for the better since that “wrong-direction”-step.

Maybe the best change of all lies in the vocalist change, Nils is without doubt the best vocalist in Eidolon so far in their career. He doesn’t sing in the same way the whole album through, and this – as you can – imagine is a huge plus. He has also done the work with all the lyrics this time (drummer Shawn has always done it so far). And Nils has done a great work with them, and it suits the kind of themes Eidolon have sung about before. Nicely done. The music and song structure on this album isn’t as “going in circles” as on “Apostles” either. The interludes and guitar solos too have improved a lot, now it’s true classical Glen-solos right through, and it’s feels great. The production is as always, great and heavy, a bit similiar to “Coma Nation”’s production, but still in another direction. In any way, it’s heavy and delightful for the ears, possibly Eidolon’s best produced album.

The album this time begins with a “long-song”, 11½ minutes long titletrack “The Parallel Otherworld”. An awesome song, and absolutely as good as for example “Withing The Gates” and “Dreamscape”. The song begins with a mystical keyboard intro, rest of the song is shifting nicely between heavy passages and acoustic, of course the heavier parts are the better, but the acoustic ones ain’t that bad actually. In any way, this song is perfect for an opener. The rest of the record is a great mixture of slower/speedier songs, just like it’s always been with Eidolon. Once again they’ve shown that they can write awesome heavy metal songs, and do splendid and at times “unexpected” riffing-passages, which means it comes a riff you wouldn’t thought have come at that place, and mostly there’s absoutely nothing to complain about. Some songs may take some listens until one starts to like them, but some get stuck directly.

In overall, this albums gives hope for a better future, that Eidolon can still do great albums, and that it’s just to forget the mistake with “Apostles O.D”. A last thing I would like to mention is the really cool cover, one of the better covers in the band’s discography actually, Jan Meininghaus has done a great job.. If you’re a fan of the band you should have your thoughts about buying it. Fans of crunchy power/thrash metal in general should really check up this one. Now let’s just hope for some more albums in class with this one in the future :)