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Underrated with a big U ! - 86%

Nightrunner, May 27th, 2006

Eidolon, with the two Shawn-brothers, probably most famous for their playing with Megadeth. The band, one of the – in my opinion – best power/thrash these days, and a band that doesn’t seem to get the fame they deserves. After their two, actually not so good, albums they came back with this “Nightmare World”, which is full of awesome riffs, solos, verses. I do have two complaints though, the singer Brian Soulard (Eidolon has never had a really “good” singer, except now later when they got Nils K. Rue). Brian has a way too monotonous voice, does never “surprise” you with a high-pitched metal siren or something, he sings in the same way almost through the whole CD, in the length it gets really boring. My other complaint lies in the choruses. They haven’t written any cool chorus at all, mostly it’s just the title of the song being sung to the riff that starts the song, this is on at least half of the songs. Monotonous and boring in the length, again. But except these two things, NOTHING is lame/bad.

Fact is, I can only find two bad songs, the unnecessary short intrumental, “Majestic Interlude” and the lame and uninspired “Repulsion” (which though has a great solo-passage). But on all other songs we get heavy riffs, which mostly has really heavy verses + awesome guitar solos. Glen really knows how to write great solos. The song most worthy to mention is the ending song, almost 13 minute long, “Dreamscape”, which begins with a mystical acoustic intro then graduation into a moderately fast and heavy passage with cool drumming by Shawn. The verses are cool here, and also, actually, the chorus, somewhat calm and nice. But the absolutely best with the song is the interlude, beginning at 4:36 to 6:56. First, heavy as hell slow galooping part, then leads into a kind a cool part with Shawn’s drumplaying. After that comes a boring acoustic part, feels like they just felt they had to “fill out” the song with this boring part, but luckily after that we get a last verse + chorus. This is a awesome “long-track”, maybe nothing like Iced Earth’s “Dante’s Inferno”, but still heavy and great.

The album do have a great producion, heavy & raw guitarsound, pounding hard drums, and singer Soulard is well heard (almost too well), but the brothers knows what to do behind the mixer-board too it seem =) In overall, this is a even album, that is absolutely recommended to all of you fans of think maybe Brainstorm or just heavy/thrash but with melodies. In any way, the Shawn brother + company would later on also do even & great albums like this (except Apostles Of Defiance) but other than that one, it’s just to choose, you will not regret it. Buy and bang your head !

3 best songs: Noctem Aeturnus (Eternal Night), Eye Of Illusion, Dreamscape