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Reduced speed, increased heaviness ! - 86%

Nightrunner, May 27th, 2006

One year after the cool “Nightmare World” Eidolon released this monster, it’s really hard to say which Eidolon-album that’s the best, but “Hallowed Apparition” is a really strong candidat for that title, the same goes for Nightmare World. As always we get crunching and heavy power/thrash metal that is impossible not to bang your head too, as always we have the monotonous voice of Brian Soulard, but what has changed is that the choruses has turned for the better since the last time. Lyrical-wise drummer Shawn has come up with some cool and twisted lyrics. Maybe not the best lyrical skills ever, but still just fine for me. The band is tight-played and the production is heavy and really “metal” and does the songs just well, and here they come:

DE-EVOLUTION: The album opens with this speedy one, really awesome, and even if the chorus is simple it works great. The interlude with a calm acoustic part fits well, and the solo is OK, but they’ve done better.

LORDS OF DESECRATION: Heavy song, though has lame verses, they sound too monotonous. What lifts the song is the interlude + solo passage. Great solo in true Glen-way.

FOREVER BE FREE: Opens with a splendid monster riff (which goes through about 80% of the song). Has a melodic and great chorus, where Brian doesn’t sound too tedious. Even the solo feels kind of “melodic” and somewhat emotionial. One of the best songs on the album

FEED THE MACHINE: Heavy stomper this one, not a single bad part on it. The solo is wicked, and cool. One can’t really say though what’s the chorus on this one, I don’t think that exists actually, but a great song it is.

FORGOTTEN CITY: Heeeeaaavvyyy mid-tempo again, killing track, also a cool chorus. I really like the lyrics on this one. A huge plus also for the riff-change in the ending of the song, bang the head-ending with graduating drums from slow to faster. Excellent.

PRELUDE INTO FEAR: This is the only weak track on thr album. It just feels boring and not at all in the EIDOLON-way. Brian does a horrible job on this one, doesn’t suit his voice at all. But just as the previous song, this has a KILLER ending, even better. Awesome riff-passage, sad that the song’s other parts suck.

MIND ALTERATIONS: Boring intro, but awesome song in general. It’s calm interlude maybe feels kind of lame. But as I said, the verses are great. That is also the guitar solo, as always.

YOU WILL BURN: Double bass drumming, but not in the speedy way. Another one with heavy verses and cool chorus.

HALLOWED APPARATION: Heavy mid-tempo song, with a simple but splendid riff. The whole song is great, the solo is possibly the best of the album, really wicked, but beautiful ;) It ends with a nice acoustic ending. Fits awesome, actually.

ATOMIC RAGE: Double bass again, in the same vain as “You will burn”, this one ain’t as good though. But as always – yes you guessed it – the solo is awesome. But in overall this song feels like it just goes in circles, and it gets really boring after some listenings.

As you maybe has noticed, Eidolon reduced the speed with this album and has done a more “basic heavy metal”-album. This works really good, since the guys know how to write killer metal. Some people maybe says “i’ve heard this before”, well, no. Eventhough some riffs are “metal riffs” we’ve heard before, Eidolon do make something own of it, and also, there’s not that many vocalist out there that sounds like Brian. Anyway, if you like Eidolon, this is a easy buy, and it should be for anyone that’s into this genre.