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More speed again, and with new singer. - 85%

Nightrunner, May 27th, 2006

Eidolon took a more slower and heavier direction with “Hallowed Apparation”, which in my opinion worked just fine, and classes “HA” as maybe the best Eidolon-album. With this album they got back on track with a speedier direction, and with a new singer in form of Pat Mulock. Which is as monotonous as Brian (former vocalist) was, though he’s even lousier than Brian. The production of this album is probably the “rawest” one that Eidolon has come up with, although maybe not as heavy as “Nightmare World”’s production.

As I said Shawn (drummer) has written faster songs than last time, this can be heard clearly in the thrashy 2-tact titletrack “Coma Nation” (a splendid song). Other songs that diverses most from the other is the heavy mid-tempo song “Lost Voyage” (could easily been on “Hallowed Apparition”-album). Also “From Below” with it’s eering intro-passage, and the heaviness that follows. All other songs that I haven’t mentioned is mostly songs that goes in double bass (shifting from slower-to-faster), but without sounding too much like each other, of course, Pat’s boring vocals does make them all sounds a bit alike. But the ending song, the 18 (!) minutes long “Within The Gates”, it’s cool that they do something like this.. this one maybe requires some listens, just gets better and better with time, and is a real killer song. And has many different parts, so it doesn’t “go in circles” for 18 minutes, if that’s what you thought ;) This song is possible the best song of the album, in my opinion.

For the lyrical part, Shawn has written some really cool lyrics this time too, I like his kind of “screwed and wicked” lyrics. Everyone feels like telling a story, and this is appreciated in my eyes and brain. In conclusion: if you haven’t got yourself “Coma Nation” yet, then it’s about damn time. You’ll won’t regret it, you will just bang your head and say “what a good album I just bought”.

3 best songs: Coma Nation, Lost Voyage, Within The Gates