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Apostles of boringness and monotonousness ? - 60%

Nightrunner, May 27th, 2006

Eidolon had released three great power/thrash metal albums before this one, all underrated and not getting the critics the albums deserves, then with their fourth album in four years, they make a album like this, and believes the critics will like this more ? I can at least tell you (me being a huge Eidolon-fan), that this album is weak, and most of the songs feel way to repetitive + the really bad singer Pat Mulock, just like on “Coma Nation” he’s sounding the same all the time. No surprises with his voice. Thing is, when listening to Pat’s singing, one really misses Brian’s vocals. On “Coma Nation” Pat’s voice worked absolutely OK, since the songs wasn’t as “going in circles”, and in general feeling as un-creative as the songs on this album. It’s with real sadness I say all these words, and from time to time I do wonder if it’s really Eidolon that has recorded this album ?

BUT, folks, everything isn’t all bad with the release. Just look at the cover, the best fucking cover Eidolon has ever put as an offical album cover, Jan Meininghaus has done a great job with details and colour-themes. A cover that’s beauty for the eye. We also have the production, which as always great when talking about Eidolon. Heavy and kinda raw production as always, without sounding too much like the other albums. Nice work. Regarding the songs, we have the second “Volcanic Earth”, which is a speedy and splendid track, easily the best track on this album. 4th track “Demoralized” is a heavy one, and good too, but really monotonous and long verses. This one does include a classic wicked-Eidolon solo. The titletrack has a great “metal-riff”, and with heavy interlude.

Those three songs are the “good” ones. All others feels like really boring repetitives. Take for example opening track “Scream From Within”, I think the same riff goes through almost the whole song (at least it feels like you’re fed up with the damn lame verses). Pat’s lousy vocals may be a little effect to the weakness of the song. And we have maybe the lousiest Eidolon-song ever on this album, the third track “Twisted Morality”. A melodic and terrible song, maybe they wanted to be on MTV or something. Not great at all, and a fucking stupid main riff, not even the solo is good.

Conclusion: Avoid this album, even if it has some good songs, it’s not worth spending too much money on, and the three albums before this one is much much better, so get those firstly instead. Ah damn, this album could’ve been so much better, but for now, i’m off to listen to some Hallowed Apparition.

Check out especially one track: Volcanic Earth