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not really what I expected - 70%

Edd_the_head, November 22nd, 2003

After Coma nation, a superb album, my expections where high. On Coma nation Eidolon took a large step forward. They developed there sound into something I had never heard.

Where Apostles of Defiance going to be a further step into the right direction? The answer is NO.
They havn't done anything with the sound. The vocalist, Pat Mullock is still great and the guitarrs still sound nice and heavy. I can't really complain, but it is always nice if something happens.
The reason why Apostles Of Defiance is less good than Coma Nation is simply because the song are not as good as on the predecessor. I also miss the super-nice epic songs, as the monstruos Within the gates and Pentacle star. On Apostles Of Defiance all songs are pretty good but there are few who sticks out. They have layed all power on making songs that are constant hard with few surprises, very sad.
But I have some favorite songs: "Twisted morality", "The test" and the long "Apathy of a dying world".

Apostles Of Defiance is still a good record that is worth buying (especially if you buy the limited version with Zero Hour as bonus-cd)(I know, insane).