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Doom/sludge with melody done right - 96%

jtgilmore13, September 7th, 2010

If you can imagine the early days mid-tempo melodic black metal of Rotting Christ, you're already in a good position to understand 'Entering Darkness.' This band is very french, but forget about all the terrible french romantic black metal for a minute and take a listen… hear that? Its dooooom (with 5 O's), and it's pretty. But it's also very dark. Eibon understand the fundamentals of balancing discordance and harmony, at times even using dissonant notes to create melody. The track lengths, ranging from 7-14 minutes aren't for the faint of heart but fear not, fellow short-attention-span listeners, the album is full of tension building and release structure that makes for very meaningful progression throughout each track, and even the album in it's entirety. You know those certain parts of songs that you wish would just repeat for longer? That's what this whole thing is, and that's what they do. It's full of haunting riffs and atmosphere that you can just zone out to. By the way, how the hell do you pronounce Eibon?