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Probably the band’s weakest record - 65%

kluseba, October 24th, 2010

While the band’s last studio album was rather a funny and entertaining hard rock album, the band chose to continue this direction, but headed for a more epic and darker hard rock album this time. That’s why most of the songs on this album a more serious and profound than the stuff on the previous record.

There are still some boring eighty’s style hard rock tracks like “9-2-9” or another Bon Jovi ballad “Thorn without a rose” on this albums, but thank God those songs are a few boring exceptions. Edguy are back with some epic power metal hymns that are much darker than before like the single “Ministry of saints” that takes some time to grow on you or the album’s best song “Dragonfly” with its epic chorals and hypnotically chorus. “Sex, fire, religion” is maybe the hardest and darkest song that the band has ever written and is one of the few songs that one could classify as metal songs.

The band also decided to go back to their roots on “The pride of creation”, an entertaining and funny energetic high-speed power metal song in the key of a classical “Helloween” song. And as always, the band presents us their typical humorous song in the end, this time it “Aren’t you a little pervert too”, a conservative American country rock song that has been transformed in a vulgar fun anthem, but I think that this song doesn’t fit at all with the rest of the album and is too childish, even for a band like Edguy.

All in all, I like the darker style of this album hard rock album, but there are still several fillers on it and there is no real album highlight like “Sacrifice” has been on the last record. This is definitely one of the band’s weakest albums so I can only recommend this stuff to the true Edguy fans out there. The bonus disc is a nice gimmick that could be worth buying this album, but I would also rather choose the live package “Fucking with fire”.