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Edguy channels 80s hard rock fail - 40%

autothrall, October 29th, 2009

I'm going to come clean and say that I'm not a big fan of this classic, dirty hard rock phase of Edguy's career. It's always been present in their sound to some extent, but I'm much more a fan of their earliest few albums when they were doing the power metal thing. In fact the last album I enjoyed was Mandrake.

Well, at its very best, Tinnitus Sanctus recalls moments of UK heavy metal bands from the 80s, like Saxon, hard rock Black Sabbath, or even early Wolfsbane. There are a few tracks like "Nine Lives" or "Dead or Rock" which are actually fairly catchy. But there's just too much of that rah rah hard rocker vibe, and combined with the album's simple sounding riffs and pretty fucking awful lyrics, we end up with what might be the worst Edguy album yet. Seriously...go listen again to Vain Glory Opera or "Arrows Fly" from Theater of Salvation. Or even the re-recording of Savage Poetry. Then listen to this. What the hell happened?

On the other hand, if you still wear your acid wash ripped jeans and think Whitesnake and Great White were the best bands on Earth, this may be the first Edguy album that you actually LIKE. For myself, most of the songs here were average at best, and I'd hope for the band's sake they get over this and go back to their roots. For all I know, this could be a smashing success for the band, re-uniting the fire young girls once had for bands like Nelson and Steelheart. But probably not.