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Excessive - 15%

Spinal, August 10th, 2002

Aargh! Too much, too muuuch!! That's the biggest impression I get out of this record. I think I've just found out how it must be for non-metal person to get exposed to, let's say... POSSESSED - 'Seven Churches'. It may just be so that my ears aren't as trained for this kind of music as the ear of a major power metal fan.

EDGUY play the european version of power metal all packed up with overtly catchy tunes with refrains repeated ad nauseam and. We also have the oh so wonderful opportunity to listen to the vocals of EDGUY-master mind Tobias Sammet (you read what you feel like out of that sentence). The lyrics tries with big effort to bring one out of his or her misery (sorry mr Sammet, they don't do much for me). This kind of dashing feel-good lyrics fits perfectly with this kind of music, I couldn't imagine them fitting better elsewhere. Some of the arrangements on 'Theatre of Salvation', incorporated with the lyrics, gives the album some kind of religious overtone. I'm not sure if the mission of EDGUY is christian conquest, but it really feels like christian music.

The highlights of 'Theatre of Salvation'? Don't feel like mentioning any because the biggest problem here is that EDGUY tries to turn ALL songs into highlights and believe me, it doesn't work that way! But if I have to chose one I would go with track 10. It's the least irritating track with the least irritating refrain on here and also have some decent dynamics. I have no problem admitting that I'm not very well-oriented in this genre of metal and will not say that this album sucks ass because I really don't have the knowledge to do so. Apparently there are people who manage to get touched by this stuff and I leave it up to them and others to keep shouting in metal forums about how much power metal rules or blows.

One advice I would like to give though is to check out the EDGUY record released previous to this one: 'Vain Glory Opera'. I find it to be better balanced, not so overtly "happy" and it also contained atleast one curse word :-)