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Ill Omen - 40%

sidar, June 17th, 2006

After a masterful album, 2004’s “Hellfire Club”, Edguy released an EP titled “Superheroes” to provide a taste of their future output. Unfortunately, this EP is the harbinger of the doom of what Edguy worked so hard to develop.

The title track is not power metal at all, more so a slower, heavy metal with pop-tinted lyrics of self-promotion (“We are superheroes”). Not much can be said here, other than the fact that similar ground has already been covered by many other groups. The epic version, the last track, doesn’t change anything for the better. Looking back on this song, Edguy comes close to sounding like a cheesier version of pop-heavy metal group Lordi.

In “Spooks in the Attic” Edguy simply takes “Superheroes”, increases the tempo, and lists it as a different song. Regrettably, the increased speed is its only improvement over the title track.

“Blessing in Disguise” sounds like it came from a Sonata Arctica album, although it is strictly worse than the teary-eyed “Replica” (1999’s “Ecliptica”). The chorus of the song absolutely ruins it. This one merits the skip button every time (at the very best).

Despite all the inferior material on this EP, “Judas at the Opera” finally provides some catchy operatic (heh) power-metal. Although not as structurally sound as Edguy’s earlier epics, “Judas” is well-thought out, at times being comparable to “Theater of Salvation”. Minor offense may be found within its lyrics with its explicit homosexuality comment: “The baton is pink and it's clear: He is a queer / He likes it into his rear”. But those who find offense ought not to discount this great track.

“The Spirit” is a decent song which Edguy failed to convert into a power metal song (it is a Magnum cover) as they did for Ultravox’s “Hymn” in 1998’s Vain Glory Opera. Although I cannot compare this song to the original, “The Spirit” is at least mediocre thanks to the fellows of Magnum.

Overall, this EP is just not good. Only fanatical Edguy fans should make sure to get this EP since it greatly differs from the classic Edguy sound. For everyone else, “Judas at the Opera” is the only track not worth missing. But one song cannot carry an entire album, even an EP. This seems to be the ending point of a good power metal career. What is to follow will not be an improvement.

Top songs: “Judas at the Opera”