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Edguy > Superheroes > Reviews > kluseba
Edguy - Superheroes

Random stuff and two killers - 72%

kluseba, October 26th, 2010

It is not always easy to be an Edguy fan. After the incredible masterpiece "Hellfire club", they deliver us a cheesy but addicting pop song and this EP with a really horrible cover artwork. Many metal heads laughed about it and pointed at the fans and I can understand that. But after the first shock, I must admit that there are still some positive things to say about this release.

First of all, you get value for money and some new songs a few months before the album release date. There are some brilliant songs on this record that should have found their places on the regular album. "Judas at the opera" with Michael Kiske on the vocals is a fast and bombastic power metal tracks that reminds us of the early "Helloween" or "Gamma Ray" albums. But the song doesn't sound old fashioned or like a copy of it, this song is straight and also includes the typical Edguy humour. The chorus is extremely addicting and the whole song is just a masterpiece that grows more and more on me.

The other songs don't reach this level. The dark and bombastic gothic ballad "Blessing in disguise" is an interesting experiment and could have found its place on the last records from "Sirenia" or "Evanescence", only with strong and emotional male vocals. "Spooks in the attic" is a catchy and solid power metal song that won't disappoint any fan of this genre.

The other two songs are a boring cover version and two versions of the silly but catchy title track that I wouldn't recommend.

But half of this EP is really well done and interesting. Especially "Judas at the opera" and "Blessing in disguise" sound very fresh and interesting and should have been included on the later album. That's why I am very happy that I have bought this EP and any true Edguy fan must listen to these two songs.