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Edguy > Superheroes > Reviews > hells_unicorn
Edguy - Superheroes

Unfairly trashed by many. - 74%

hells_unicorn, March 1st, 2008

I have found that often when an EP becomes a subject of ridicule amongst many in the critical field, there is usually a reason for it. However, more often than not, the reason is not very reasonable, and can even borderline on being completely ridiculous. Not to be overly combative but there actually is something much worse than a group of pretentious musicians, and that is a mob of self-important critics. If anyone wants further perspective on just how low this brand of critic is, read some of Voltaire's writings on the subject.

I've been one who has actually been a bit disappointed with the newer sound that Edguy started on the "Hellfire Club" album, but this change has provided some rather intriguing songs, some of which are found on this release. These Germans love their satire and their comedy, that much is certain, but behind the lyrics is a bit of raw emotion that most of the dim-wits whom have reviewed this album have missed.

The title track of this EP has been ridiculed to no end as some sort of self-promotional work. Now it is true that the lyrics are a reference to the nature of the work that these particular musicians, along with others in the power metal genre, perform while on tour. Now what is the nature of the Superhero one may ask? Heroism has always merely been a matter of facing up to the truth, of standing up for what one believes in, and the word "Super" is intended to further exaggerate the nature of the heroism. For the power metal band, heroism is about writing songs with melody that are, for the most part, thought-provoking and larger than life. This song accomplishes this, though not as well as previous works due to the rather dry guitar sound. Suffice to say, the music on this particular track is rather intricate, but definitely a departure from the more straight-forward approach found on "Theater of Salvation" and "Mandrake".

"Spooks in the Attic" is an up tempo rocker with some rather comical lyrics. The guitar riff is a tiny bit cliche, but the overall driving nature of the song makes up for it. "Blessing in Disguise", in my opinion, is the true source of the objections to this EP. When listening to the opening and 1st verse of this song, the first band that popped into my head was Evanescence. Let it be known that I like this band, and not only because Amy Lee is the dark Gothic princess type that I usually fall for, but also because they've taken the best influences from bands like Lacuna Coil and Nightwish. Now obviously Tobias Sammet does not have a voice appropriate to the Gothic Metal style, but this song is an interesting experiment and seeing as this is an EP the band is entitled to a bit of dabbling.

"Judas at the Opera" is our fast paced epic, and it has all the trappings of the Opera Metal style that was present on the Avantasia and the later Edguy releases. At times I almost thinking I'm listening to Queen, particularly during the down tempo middle section with the backup singers. Michael Kiske makes another guest appearance, making some of us wonder whether he is really happy making non-metal music, as he keeps coming back to the genre again and again.

"The Spirit" is a mostly acoustic ballad, and my pick for the weak link on here. It just sounds like a less catchy version of "Forever" off the previous full length album, which was itself a weak version of "Roses to No One" off the "Savage Poetry" remake. The epic version of the title track is a more personal version, containing a lone piano, some strings, and Tobias to fill the silence. It reminds me of the recent acoustic remakes of NR's "In a Time of Blood and Fire" remakes, and is a good closer to a rather controversial EP.

This EP is what it makes itself out to be, a bucket load of fun. It doesn't take itself overly serious, but it does have it's more serious moments. There may be a bit of self-promotion on here, but what the hell band doesn't promote themselves? Isn't that how you're supposed to get your music heard? If you like a more rock oriented of Power Metal, and you like good spirited lyrics, give this CD a spin. The critics may be ripping it, but there is something to be said for being an individual and drawing your own conclusions. Before you judge this EP too harshly, think critically and remember that Edguy is not trying to emulate the "kill yourself" music of more darker metal genres.