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Edguy > Superheroes > Reviews > cronosmantas
Edguy - Superheroes

No longer my superheros - 25%

cronosmantas, March 25th, 2006

I can remember back when Edguy became one of my all time favorite bands with the stellar operatic power metal releases of Vain Glory Opera and Theater of Salvation. I knew I was in trouble when I picked up this EP (Another glorified single in the vein of King of Fools) with its moronic cover art. What the fuck? Is the band trying to be Van Halen? Hell the band looked like a bunch of mallcore brats on the insert photo.

Ok, ok maybe the packaging just threw me for a loop. Perhaps the music is still great. Well the opener Superheroes is a slow epic. It's ok and it grew on me the more I listened to it. Ok, so the title song wasn't so bad...but what about the rest? Well tracks 2 and 3 are just blah. Where's the symphonic power metal Edguy was so good at? This is power metal without power.

I read on the inlay that Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween) does guest vocals on the song Judas at the Opera so hope may not be all lost. Well, the song is faster and more power metalish but still nothing to get excited about. The song The Spirit is also a bore and the epic version of Superheroes is a joke.

I'm not sure what got into Edguy. Is this a marketing scheme to be more commercial? To cut the "power" out of "power metal"? I'm not sure but I don't like it. There just is NO power on this EP making it a dust collector on my CD shelf. I can't imagine if a band like Blind Guardian released an EP like this....the shit would hit the fan. Unless you’re a collector like me, then my advice is SKIP IT. This EP made me worried about Edguy's upcoming album Rocket Ride....and for good reason!