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Edguy > Superheroes > Reviews > Vintersemestre
Edguy - Superheroes

Majestic, wonderful, filled with pride & pomp! - 98%

Vintersemestre, September 29th, 2005

There are three songs on here (Superheroes, Spooks in the Attic, Judas at the Opera) that can definitely be classified as my favourite material by this band - and indeed as the best they've ever put out. In my opinion, there's should be no more experimentation to do by this band, their sound is now set in stone.

I don't like doing song by song reviews, but since this is an EP, and EPs are generally pick-and choose collections or B-sides/singles, there's really no idealogical or lyrical flow present in the transition from song to song; so there's no blanks for the reviewer to fill in as to the mood or point of the album.

1. "Superheroes" is definitely the "radio song", much like "King of Fools" was on the last album, only this one is better. Both are simple songs and both were played with absolute professionalism, but "Superheroes" is just a better song, nothing really to do with the quality of the musicianship. It really suits the band better, as picturing Tobi in spandex with a jet pack on, (not unlike Turboman in Arnold Schwarzenegger's all time smash-hit blockbuster holiday classic "Jingle All the Way") fits the band's silly, generally fun lyrical content.

2. "Spooks in the Attic" is a classic catchy Edguy song. The only real difference I notice is a more mechanical keyboard part in the song that is remniscient of some truly classic pompous AOR albums, "Corridor of Windows" by Storyteller comes to mind, as does Millenium (with Lande).

3. "Blessing in Disguise" What can I say? Crappy generic ballad, boring lyrics, boring music. They need to cut this shit out.

4. "Judas at the Opera" Not only the best song on this little EP, but the best song they've ever done. Yes. If they keep up with songs like this, they will soon be the best power metal band to currrently exist, period. They intravenously injected hints of Queen and Meat Loaf into their music here and it's a really beautiful thing, mostly because I like Queen and Meat Loaf.

5. Decent cover of a mediocre Magnum song, but what else can I say? I'm glad this sort of stuff was retained to an EP and not a full-length. It's sort of interesting that they covered a song by Magnum, but aside from that there's really nothing else worth mentioning.

6. A very sensual (yes, sensual) reprise of the title-track. Reminds me of a little Dragonheart diddy called "Heart of a Hero" that was on their recent forgettable effort. Tobi's accent is not nearly as amusing, though. This is mostly a piano song, exactly the same as similar things they've done in the past.

The reason I gave this such a high score and didn't take off points for the three boring songs is because I disregarded them when I wrote the score. I believe that's an acceptable thing to do when we're reviewing an EP.