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Why Such Negativity? - 80%

xioxio9, June 13th, 2009

I don't understand why this album has such a low score. Could it be that its to hard rock? no, tinnitus sanctus is way more hard rock then this and its steady in the high seventies. Could it be that people think Edguy's attempting to sell out? maybe, but it doesnt really explain why the score is this low. The point is, although this album is a little inconsistent, its still a pretty solid piece of hard rock-ish power metal.

As I said, this album is a little inconsistent, which puts the songs into 2 different categories:Outstanding masterpieces worthy of Edguy's prime and decent songs that have their highs and lows.

Starting with the amazing songs:Rocket Ride, Return To The Tribe and The Asylum. Rocket Ride features a galloping guitar and bass rythm thats infectious right form the first listen, and a chorus that is catchy as sin, in true Edguy fashion. Return To The Tribe is probably the one song on the album that reminds me the most of classic Edguy. It's like a blend of Hellfire Club and Mandrake with a ridiculous vocal solo that was meant to imitate a guitar solo. Its also highly symphonic featuring a huge amount of keyboards and another amazing chorus. The Asylum is easily the highlight the album, with a very nice crunchy guitar sound, another catchy chorus that has Toby at his most aggressive and a very emotional acoustic opening, simply awesome.

Now we get into the decent songs: Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One), Trinidad, Superheroes, Catch Of The Century, Save Me and Out Of Vogue. Fucking With Fire is a good song, but its also the most 80's rock driven song (probably intentional, but Lavatory Love Machine proved to us that it could be done tastefully) which brings it down from the high level set by RR,Asylum and RTTT. Trinidad is a typical tongue-in-cheek Edguy song that could've been better if it wasnt for the alalalalala's, but the vocals are decent enough, and it's definetly a party song. Superheroes is a pretty good song that couldve been better if it werent for the lyrical themes and the pretty weak guitars. I mean really, a song with a chorus like "we dont cry for love, we're superheroes" is almost balladesque in composition. Catch Of The Century is another decent song that has one of the funniest endings to any song i've ever heard. Unfortunately, it suffers from a little genericism and repetitiveness that makes it get old pretty fast. Save Me is the decent ballad that appears on nearly every Edguy album. Nothing special, but a decent song if your in the right mood. Out Of Vogue is another irremarkable song, that has a decent synthesized guitar riff and some pretty awesome drumming. The song's only real problem is that its not that memorable and can get old pretty fast. The rest of the songs all follow in pretty much the same veign, being either not to memorable or a bit to "out there" genre wise.

In conclusion, this album is in no way Edguy's best, but it is still pretty half decent, and its worth it to checkout at least the title track, The Asylum and Return To The Tribe.