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Edguy goes hard rock - 70%

kluseba, October 24th, 2010

On this album, Edguy goes back from their power metal hymns and almost does a completely hard rock album. Annoying kitsch glam rock like “Rocket ride”, Bon Jovi ballads like “Save me” or disco rock with keyboard experiments like “Matrix” or “wimps and poser” hard rock stuff like “Fucking with fire” dominate this album. This last song is a very cool party rocker and quite catchy while the keyboard dominated “Out of vogue” has a very addicting chorus and “Wasted time” very emotional lyrics and chorals as well as a catchy chorus. These three songs are the best hard rock songs on this album but stuff like “Rocket ride”, “Save me” or “Catch of teh century” are mostly boring and a big deception after the band’s essential masterpiece “Hellfire club”. While all of these songs show all a new side of Edguy and are at least creative, I miss somehow the old power and the emotions.

The band shows us though that they can still write excellent metal hymns like the amazing opener “Sacrifice”. This song is modern rock opera shortened to eight minutes and is very emotional. Tobias Sammet does an extraordinary job on the vocals, the dominating piano fits perfectly to the song, and the solos are filled with passion and energy. Why didn’t they do more songs like that on this album? This song alone is worth buying the album but the rest can’t maintain this high quality.

Of course, you have another funny song on this album. “Trinidad” is a mixture of an exotically seventy’s pop song, Caribbean folk music and eighty’s glam rock. Brain off, party on could be the slogan of this hilarious song and while serious and closed minded metal heads will criticize this song, Edguy fans will probably enjoy this experiment and album closer that is followed by the bonus track and poser rock hymn “Fucking with fire” that goes into the same direction.

To keep it short, this is a hard rock party album with a few hilarious songs and only a few intelligent and profound songs like the amazing opener that is maybe my favourite Edguy songs of all time. This album is not comparable to anything the band has done before, so let me warn you that you are better to like funny hard rock anthems when you really try out this album that has almost nothing to do with power metal anymore.