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Pretty good and diversified - 70%

kluseba, October 27th, 2010

As a big Edguy fan, I was really happy when I found this EP in a record store in New York City three and a half years ago and immediately bought it as I liked the cheesy, but very catchy and positive title track. I hoped that the other four non album tracks would be worth the price and I can confirm that it was worth the buy.

"New age messiah" has an epic orchestration and is a solid traditional power metal track. The lyrics are a little bit childish and the chorus too happy and Sammet sounds like a fret on acid. This is a little bit sad because the beginning of the song was really bombastic and well elaborated but I am not surprised as I already know the band's sense of humour but they exaggerated a little bit on that one. Musically, there is nothing to criticize here.

"The savage union" is a typical but somehow faceless average power metal song that didn't really convince me.

"Holy waters" is a good ballad and not as hard rock orientated and cheesy as the band's more recent ballads. Tobias Sammet is doing an extraordinary job on the vocals without any doubt and this song reminds me a little bit of their song "Forever" that was later included on "Hellfire club".

"Life and times of a bonus track" is a track where Sammet plays piano and sings about the lifestyle of a bonus track. He had a crazy idea and included this song in the very last moment on the EP before it went into production and it a very funny song. If you like the band's humour, you will adore this song, it is easily their best humorous song. Once again, Sammet is doing an amazing job and entertains you in a stunning manner.

The only weaker song is "The savage union", all other songs are very solid and diversified songs even if there is no hidden masterpiece on this EP. If you are a big Edguy fan, you should but this EP and if you generally like power metal, you should purchase this album if you find it at a low price.