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Not bad...needs some lyrical work - 75%

cronosmantas, March 12th, 2006

King of Fools is basically a glorified single with a 4 extra "non-album" songs thrown on so us Edguy fans have to buy. Most of the time these extra songs aren't all that great as they tend to be material that was cut from the album, but in this case the songs are decent for the most part.

The EP opens with the title song, which would later appear on the Hellfire Club album. It's actually pretty slow for Edguy standards but it is catchy. I liked the song at first but after a while the repetitive chorus can grade on your nerves.

The second song The New Messiah falls more into the Helloween/Gamma Ray mode and is the power metal we all know and love. The Savage Union also is a powerful song. Though musically these songs are good, they have some real problems with the lyrics. I usually viewed Edguy in the same manner as Iron Maiden as high quality metal. Usually Edguy was mature but they show a lot of immaturity in the lyrics here with a bunch of cussing. Now I'm not against cussing in songs as it is fuckin’ awesome when such groups as Venom and Slayer. Cussing fits their style of music. This is not good for groups such as Edguy as it just cheapens the effect of the song. At the end of the New Messiah vocalist Tobias Sammet spouts out:

Pardon fucking me. Who the fucking fuck is Jesus
I'm the motherfucking new messiah
For the fucking world.

The song was fine up till this point and the cussing rant ruins the flow of the song. Dropping the F bomb in these two songs just cheapens the whole effect. Can you imagine if Dickinson went off like that in the song Hallowed be They would just fuckin’ ruin it! The fourth song Holy Water is much better in the lyrical department but sadly is slower and more forgettable.

The fifth song is a nice joke track called The Life and Times of a Bonus Track with Tobias ranting and raving silly lyrics about the need of of bonus tracks is humorous and Tobias sounds more like Bruce Dickinson on this track then ever before. But again towards the end of the song comes:

I don't give a fucking shit, no I don't give a shit
Don't give a fucking shit, no, no
Not a single little fucking shit!

Ok, Edguy, GROW UP!!! Great operatic power metal deserves better, more "grown up" lyrics. Sadly I think Edguy is on the downfall as with each new release, they get more immature and silly.