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Edguy stronger than ever - 94%

Vintersemestre, February 15th, 2004

With a very dissapointing Vintersorg release, and an ultra-strong Deicide release, I really didn't know what to expect from another of my favourite bands. I'd heard some songs off of Hellfire Club on a radio show, Mysteria and Lavatory Love Machine. Both of them ruled, the latter of which was a very pleasing and uplifting cockrock fun song.

When I got this, I was expecting something great and I wasn't dissapointed. Pretty much typical Edguy, but getting tighter and better at what they do with every release (a la Cannibal Corpse). New Age Messiah and Holy Water being my favourite tracks here, with all the laughing and the fun and what-not. I feel obliged to write "soaring melodies" here, but I'll give it a miss and in its place I shall write GOOD FUN!, which is what Edguy is.

The title track sounds radio-friendly to a degree, but it is played shockingly well... you can tell that they fine-tuned and rehearsed it to sound as sharp as possible. That's pretty much the only thing that's any different, when compared to other Edguy releases. I'm not saying they haven't changed anything at all, they have injected something new into the music, it just doesn't apply on every song. I'm sure Hellfire Club will be a wild ride, if this little EP is any indication.

Tobias Sammet also gives us his thoughts on piracy on the quaint closing track.