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Edguy delivers new music... - 89%

Metal_God, March 17th, 2004

Edguy is nowadays one of the most popular bands in the Power metal genre and have produced high standard metal since 1995. They have released great albums, such as Vain Glory Opera and Mandrake. The question is: what to do now? Continue exactly as before or try to do something new? They went with the second alternative, which I’m glad for. I’m not sure they would've managed to deliver such clean power metal once again.

The change isn't big for Edguy, but they took the step to a heavier and rawer style. Of Course you can still hear it’s Edguy playing; it's still they're old style when it comes to melodies.

They set their goals for a new record, but they also decided to release an EP. King of Fools is that EP, which was released a month earlier than the actual record - Hellfire Club.

Well, King of Fools is an excellent EP. The title track, King of Fools, is taken from the Hellfire Club album, and shows that the band still got what it takes. The typical Edguy melodies are still there, but with harder riffs and a rawer sound all over. I simply ove it! It’s exactly what Edguy needed.

The four other tracks are darn good too! Especially Holy Waters, where Sammet shows what he’s made of. The chorus is terrific, and Sammets vocals are perfect on that particular song.

This little EP is a masterpiece! I can’t stop wondering if the songs on the EP where made for Hellfire Club, but kicked out. If they were, that is really strange cause it's great music and could easily have been placed on an album.

King of Fools is an extremely well-made record and a very solid release from Edguy.