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Another Power Metal Band - 25%

DawnoftheShred, March 8th, 2009

European power metal continues to grow at a steady rate, despite obvious similarities between most new bands and a handful of old bands they steadily rip-off (Maiden, Stratovarius, Helloween, Blind Guardian). Enter Edguy, another band with a silly name that has no qualms about playing the same tired songs as their peers, but with a little twist.

In order to show some distinction between Edguy and the leagues of other modern power metallers, singer Tobias Sammett tries to round out his quasi-Dickinson/Kiske vocal approach (the chorus of “King of Fools” is a prime example of both influences peeking through) with what appears to be his best attempt at sounding like a tough guy. He rasps a bit on the lower octaves, distorts his voice, swears profusely; all the things your typical “flower metal” bands are too timid to attempt. However, while those other bands might not be as “tough” as Edguy, they’re at least writing decent songs. Edguy, as far as this EP is concerned, hasn’t the slightest distinctive quality among other new power metal bands. There’s your lead harmonies, high-alto vocals, well-produced instruments; all rightfully taken for granted as necessary for even the genre’s most base participators. And for all the bravado that goes into the band’s tough-guy image, they still have the token ballad, pretty harmonies, and melodramatic keyboard work of their peers. Granted, the ballad neatly sums up the nature of bonus-trackdom, but it’s still awful. The other songs have their moments, but absolutely nothing special occurs over the twenty minutes that King of Fools runs.

I got this for a buck, so I don’t really feel cheated. And I’m sure their full-length albums are better. But after listening to King of Fools, I can’t say I’m in the mood to blow any more money on these shmucks.