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Best EP of 2004 so far - 99%

Crimson_Guitarist, July 15th, 2004

This is Edguy at its ultimate highest. In between Mandrake and Hellfire with a kick-ass backup choir and orchestra scored by Miro. It starts of with the anthametic title track 'King of Fools'. It is very catchy but beware, once you've listened to it 100 times it does get annoyin. The lyrics are overtly cheesy but they fit perfectly. This is the single version and theres no solo, hell theres no solo on the original, all it is is a few notes.

The next track, New Age Messiah is very strong. With an orchestral intro then a catchy melody to start off with. Silly lyrics that do mean something. The lyrics are intelligent but often come out in a nonesense way. The vocals are done perfect with lost of power. The verses and choruses are very catchy.
The solo is a slower one but very melodic. The end of the solo is very very catchy. Then the chior chants come in. A very Edguy touch. Then the final verse with silly lyrics but its so damn cathcy. Then the "Who the fuck is Jesus part" witch was quite annoyin when cranking it a high volume.

Then The Savage Union. With another great start-off melody and some good riffage. The backing vocals are superbly sung with help from Aina vocalists Thomas Rettke, Amanda Somerville, Avantasia vocalists and long time Edguy choirboys Ralf Zdiarstek and Oliver Hartmann, and also Daniel Schmitt. The chorus is great tlking about Edguy and their supporters. (The Savage Union is the Edguy fanclub.) Another Great solo from Jens Ludwig. Again its catchy as hell.

Holy Water is a phenominal melodic, syphonic, the way power metal should be, song. From the first melody you know this one is gonna kick ass. It starts with a slower, more symphonic, verse into the epic, symphonic, bombast chorus. Its very catchy and i found myself singing it occasionally. Then theres and odd bridge with very heavy sounding guitars. I kinda missed the solo. I couldnt find it. Nonetheless, another solid song.

It ends with a song that will set you rolling around on the floor. "Ok, lets rock, lets ramble, let's roll" starts off this song about a bonus track and how the music industry is always getting screwed. In the middle of the song and Tobi calls it shit, then they carry on. He says theres a chorus but there really isnt. Very funny song.

I would of bought this cd if it were 14$, but it was only 4$. A great deal for 5 amazing Edguy songs.