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How modern power metal should sound... - 94%

kluseba, October 27th, 2010

This is a modern European power metal album that has everything it needs to be a masterpiece. It is tight, melodic, epic and diversified. I would even say that this record is maybe the best power metal record of the decade and easily Edguy's greatest record ever.

The song starts with the tight and heavy "Mysteria" that has even some little thrash or speed metal influences. That's why Mille Petrozza from the German thrash metal legends "Kreator" sings this song in an alternative version on the limited edition of this album. "The piper never dies" goes then into a very epic direction and delivers a pure power metal song over ten minutes that doesn't have to hide behind classics such as Gamma Ray's "Rebellion in dreamland" or Helloween's "The keeper of the seven keys". The best two songs are right in the beginning of the record.

But the other stuff is also amazing. Classical fast power grenades like "We don't need a hero", orchestral and acoustic ballads such as "Forever", catchy keyboard orientated and modern stuff with catchy choruses such as "King of fools" and the band's typical humorous songs like the hard rock orientated "Lavatory love machine" (a hint towards the band’s future direction, but still way better than their recent stuff) can all be found on this diversified album. Even songs that I didn't like in the beginning like the darker "Under the moon" or the bombastic "The spirit will remain" with movie score influences grew on me with the time and today, I can't find any filler on this album.

Normally, fans are enthusiastic and praise everything new their favourite bands would release, but here, it is different as this album is like an old vine and seems to get better with every year, especially when I must compare this masterpiece to the band's last and less convincing releases.

This album shows us how modern power metal should sound and is far away from hectically and overloaded Blind Guardian kitsch or childish and melodic keyboard sounds like Sonata Arctica are used to play. This album is atmospheric and profoundly diversified and it simply kicks ass. Even those who hate Edguy because of their humour and silly artworks should listen to this record and may seriously be surprised by the intensity of this record. If this stuff will not convince them, nothing will ever convince them. Personally, this album is easily in my top 20 albums of all times