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Outmatched what? - 91%

PowerMetalGuardian, July 9th, 2004

I was a bit skeptical about getting Edguy's new album. Of course I was going to get it no matter what, and what I have heard about the album was all good news. But some one told me that they left the opera sound out and focused more on being heavy metal. Edguy has carved them into a genre where most bands sound the same, yet Edguy stand out. This is because of this unique style of power metal and symphonic sound. After spinning this album a few times, I saw that this was not true at all. In fact Edguy's use of symphonic and keyboards is elevated up a bit.

What we have on Hellfire Club is the symphonic work from Mandrake mixed with the Power Metal structure of all "most" previous Edguy albums. The music is very good on this album. The songs have structure, something Edguy has been doing for awhile now. The riffs and solos are typical Edguy style. The way the drum beat, mixes with the drumming is supreme on this album. Like I mentioned keyboards has played a key in Edguy songs from day one, and so it shows how strong it is on this album. This is easily seen on songs like King Of Fools and the small intro Lucifer in Love. Also especially on the song We Don't Need A Hero.

Tobias Sammet, in my honest opinion has gotten better from Mandrake. To me his voice was to squeaky on Mandrake, but now he is back to Vain Glory Opera which makes the music sound better. One of the most powerful singer in Power Metal right now is this guy, and this album shows why he is one of the best. His vocal range may not be as high as...oh say Halford, but it sure is damn good. Hell this can be seen on the opening song Mysteria, right in the beginning.

Edguy has taken a step up on this album, making Hellfire Club even better than Mandrake, something I, and most metal heads did not expect would happen. The riffs and solos are better, Tobias's singing is good, drumming clashes with the guitars making the music flow...the list of good things with this album can go on and on. This album is powerful and could be the best release of 2004. Good songs to check out are all the ones From the King of Fools EP, and add Navigator, Mysteria, and the neat beat that Lavatory Love Machine (Sounds like it would be a Twisted Sister song)offers. Recommended to all Edguy fans and metal fans everywhere. I wonder if they can outmatch Hellfire Club on the next album!