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Don't mess with success - 92%

OSheaman, February 12th, 2005

That's the current band photo for Edguy. I think it pretty much sums up the band and the album and accurately depicts the message these guys send, which is: don't take us seriously, asshole.

Edguy is not about sending a message and it is not about expanding frontiers. It is about catchy, silly, over-the-top Euro-Power. By Hellfire Club Edguy has finally settled on their very own sound and in this album they really make it their own, exploring the boundaries of their style and trying out different ideas. It's also worth noting that as we progress into the new millenium we start hearing more and more bands copying this style of Power Metal (Double Dealer comes to mind).

For those of you who don't know Edguy, this is a pretty good album to use for getting familiar with them. It has their trademark guitar wankery and simple, upbeat melodies with peppy drumming work. The keyboards are never overused, but rather inserted in key locations in songs for atmospheric purposes. The lyrics are flighty and fun, and the music has an overall upbeat feel to it.

Edguy also has Tobias Sammet, and the fact that they are such a good group despite this major handicap is a testament to their musical skill and songwriting ability, because Tobias Sammet is the single most annoying vocalist in all of Power Metal. Imagine Timo Kotipelto (lead singer of Stratovarius). Now imagine that Timo goes to last year's Ozzfest (the one that had Judas Priest, Slayer, and Slipknot) and decides that he wants to sound like the vocalists for those three bands.

Keep imagining with me; we're not done yet.

So, with this thought in mind, imagine Timo goes to a bar where he meets, of all people, Michael Kiske, who imparts upon young Timo the time-tested secret Kiske used in Keeper of the Seven Keys: you don't have to be in tune, nor do you need a pure vocal tone, to be a successful Metal vocalist. Timo, touched my meeting this legendary vocalist and also slightly sloshed from drinking three pints of motor oil straight from a funnel, decides to go to the studio (listening to the vocals from A Night at the Opera on the way there) and record his vocals for his band.

The result of all this is Tobias Sammet. It's like someone with a great voice decides that in order to be original he needs to both "roughen" his voice to make it sound tougher and sing about 35 inflections for every note that comes out of his mouth. Take Mysteria, for example, where Tobias, in a feat previously unaccomplished by human beings, succeeds in giving the word "made" approximately 35 syllables. It takes a special kind of talent to do that.

Nevertheless, this album is classic Edguy and is a fantastic example of how amazing guitar solos and unbelievably catchy melodies can make a band one of the premier Power Metal bands in the world. Pick it up if you have any interest in Euro-Power.