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Impressive, but could be a little more. - 83%

Tzeench, April 12th, 2006

A great piece of EP death metal. Melody is blatant but without making the band sound like metalcore. The first two songs really capture a spectacular atmosphere of aggression, fearful omen, power and ominous fear. The third track, "Bleed" sounds a little like "killer filler". Kind of glib and rather lame. But this is fortunately only one of the four tracks. The closing track displays Dan Swanö's excellently varied vocal range. It showcases Swanö's ability to truly sing graceful and powerful clean vocals alongside his death metal growls. The final song also highlights the whole band's ability to really do a great job at pulling off a Police cover song. Quite impressive for an ending.

All in all, a good EP. Just next time, avoid the "killer filler" track (Bleed). As for cover songs, for a death metal band to attempt pulling off a pop cover song is extremely risky in every way. Luckily, EOS pulls off a Police cover with ease. Make sure any other death metal band chooses their cover songs carefully.