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Perfection Achieved. - 99%

ozzeh, September 26th, 2008

I'm a sucker for Swedish death metal and Dan Swano is somewhat of a metal God to me. 'Crimson' always astounded me with its hypnotic progressiveness but "The Spectral Sorrows" offers so much more in terms of sheer death metal brilliance. Quite honestly after one listen I'm 100% sold on the relevancy and replay value of this LP: put it up there with the very best of Dismember, Entombed, Anata, or Ribspreader. Holy shit this is devastating.

The production is absolutely pristine and for music this godamned good, it BETTER be. The traditionally heavy-as-fuck distorted guitars churn out memorable palm muted riffs at thrash-like intensity only to be accentuated by a completely elite undistorted exotic guitar scale. I love death metal because of all the complex music theory behind the seemingly incoherent mass of noise (to the uninitiated). Doom, viking, power, thrash, death, prog-hard rock and FOLK elements scatter themselves brilliantly: the electric guitar folk influenced guitar leads featured on the death metal songs blow my fucking mind! What the fuck!

This album has some serious groove to it, and while groove-based music blows, it is perfected here: the tempo changes are constant and Edge of Sanity plays odd time-signatures throughout but this album never comes across as pretentious. Dan Swano is the vocalist and puts in a noteworthy performance here: up there with Ross Dolan with lyrical coherency his death metal vocals truly give the album an even more crushing/emotional feel. The clean-sung songs have a very viking / power metal feel to them and add a bit of lightness to the otherwise dark, oppressive atmosphere.

This is death metal bliss. This is a glorification of exactly why heavy metal will ALWAYS be the contemporary standard for the intellectually advanced. Brutally assaulting, Rhythmically addictive, and Fucking-Swano! GET THIS NOW!