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Of Darksome Origin - 90%

Hames_Jetfield, May 9th, 2021

One of the best albums from Edge Of Sanity, behind which there is a rather strange and a bit complicated story. Well, during the recording of "Purgatory Afterglow" the band released an ep ("Until Eternity Ends") with material that they thought did not fit the style of "Purgatory...", and then, when the "right" songs were completed, they put together that...they broke the album down into two more eps. The first was to show the traditional death metal side of Edge Of Sanity ("Purgatory"), the second was to show their softer side ("Afterglow"). However, Boss from Black Mark Production did not want to hear about such a solution and - contrary to the original assumptions - forced the Swanö band to release it in "full" form. And he probably did a lot of good to the Edge Of Sanity discography! After all, releasing so many eps in such a short time even this 1994 would be perceived as artificial exploiting money, and the records themselves could be unjustly skipped.

On the other side, the band actually went a little crazy here. "Purgatory..." beats the previous releases in terms of variety, reaches more styles, and at first it may even seem something incoherent and composed without order. Exactly, may even seen. The deeper into its content, the more sense it sees in it and the harder it's to imagine music without so many additions that finally found its way here. Besides, in style of EoS, everything that is death metal and far from radio friendly boredom in the foreground (and they did not achieve so much "sand" in guitars either earlier or later!).

The talent for blending death metal sound with rock melodies and progression just exploded even more on this record than on "The Spectral Sorrows". An example here can be "Of Darksome Origin", "Elegy", "Silent", "Twilight" or "Velvet Dreams" similarly aggressive and extended beyond traditional patterns, and at the same time suitably hitty and without cheap melodies, but in fact the vast majority of tracklists. There are two pranks on "Purgatory Afterglow": "Black Tears", which is a stronger version of HIM (actually...before the debut of HIM itself!) and "Song Of Sirens" (exceptionally sung by guitarist Sami Nerberg), which is something on the shape of the mix of Pantera and Machine Head, and honestly, it's something unfortunately not very necessary and - despite the large variety of the disc - a track that does not match to the rest. Anyway, "Purgatory..." is a piece of excellent music; one that does not harm even small inaccuracies. The dose of combining and progression is even greater on it than on "The Spectral...", and at the same time no signs of softening on it are also not found. On "Purgatory Afterglow" the Swanö band simply extended the previous formula with new solutions, keeping their characteristic death metal style, but also the previous high level.

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