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Edge of Sanity - Kur-Nu-Gi-A - 75%

Shovel, June 18th, 2003

Edge of Sanity have always been an underappreciated band. This demo has some great tracks, but the quality kills the feeling. Great melodic riffs mixed with pounding drums equals quality gothenburg. The riffs are very memorable, and the bass is felt throughout the entire demo, which is a rarity in metal these days The bassist sounds similar to Cryptopsy's bassist, especially on Blasphemy Made Flesh. The singer has a very hollow growl, which eminates throughout the room when you blast it.

Another thing that I like about this album is the creepy feel it has sometimes, like the slow part to Maze of Existence makes you feel like you are in a cemetery or haunted mansion. All together a solid demo, which displays the bands talents.

Highlights: Decepted by the Cross, Maze of Existence, and Immortal Souls.

Low points: Shabby quality (its a demo, after all), some tracks don't grab your attention, meaning that you'll probably skip over a song or two.