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Their Final Masterpiece - 100%

megafury, January 18th, 2004

This is the follow up of their album which was entitled, Crimson, (hence Crimson II), and I must say this is Melodic Death Metal at an extremely high point. Not melodic death metal as in all these generic swedish metal bands, this is different. The album is basically one long 40 minute plus song divided into 9 parts of high quality metal with a sophisticated art rock sense picked up from Dan Swano's Moontower.

Edge of Sanity makes great use with keyboards, the medleys from the boards enchances the song and isn't too distracting or cheesy. It melds the catchiness of pop with the intensity of metal. All the instruments flow right and work like a well oiled machine. Dan Swano's death growls keep up a strong foundation for the music but I espesially love his singing, he's not whiney, he's at right level of mellowness. Good to hear some refreshing singing to caress your ears after all the rough vocals.

There isn't one bad track, they're all important, nothing is filler. Once you listen to track one, you have to get through all nine song parts later because it's that good at holding your attention, riff after riff. I procrastinated on hearing this album for awhile and now I wish I heard it earlier. I haven't been impressed by any melodic death band for awhile. I've interviewed Dan Swano and he said the odds of ever hearing another Edge of Sanity album ever again is "1/1000000000000000 at this time". Oh well, atleast we have this album of epic proportions to have graced our CD players.