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Probably the best death metal song ever - 100%

sp3tt, October 16th, 2006

Crimson by Edge of Sanity consists of only one song, but that one song is 40 minutes in length, explaining the lack of other material. When I mention this, most people fail to see the greatness. 40:00 of death metal, is it not boring and repetitive? If it did, one would have to call Crimson a failure. But the truth is, Crimson is never tedious nor monotonous. It has to be admitted that many riffs are used more than once, but in and of itself, this does not make the song repetitive, as most music is structured in a similar fashion, and the number of riffs and sections in Crimson is sufficiently large.

Crimson is essentially a concept "album" with only one track. The story is set in a dystopian, far future, when mankind, now ruled by a king and queen, has lost the ability to breed and is thus on the verge of extinction. But a glimmer of hope appears, as the queen gives birth to a princess. Is this the salvation of mankind, "a gift from the skies of life divine"? Due to the nature of this album, I highly recommend having the lyrics in front of you the first few times you listen to it, the story being an integral part of the experience. For me, my appreciation of Crimson grew - even though it was already enormous - as I gained a fuller grasp of the story.

The music fits very well with the dystopian visions, portraying them accurately. The mood is melancholic when introducing the doomed humans, hopeful when the Princess is born, and the growls send shivers down the spine when the forces of evil enter. Undoubtedly, most of the riffs of Crimson are classic killers. . Dan Swanö's vocals are, I think, possibly the best he has ever done, especially the clean ones. Also, Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth fame contributes with some guitars, and a notable scream around the 29-minute mark.

In conclusion, Crimson is a masterpiece, but even the word masterpiece fails to describe just how great this work is. If you do not already own it, be sure to buy it, or you will have missed one of the best metal albums. Ever.