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Let the aural orgasms commence - 99%

ozzeh, November 27th, 2008

Never one to sacrifice his musical heritage, Dan Swano once again releases this monstrous epic masterwork upon the unsuspecting masses. This is the best song ever written. Hands down, nothing comes close: the lead guitar work is really what sticks out the most to me, with the what, simplistic arpeggio picked lead work accompanied by the perfectly produced power-chord riffs, this is musical bliss. It's eerie and dark and really leaves a lasting impression.

The production is the best I've ever heard on any Swedish death album, everything seems so lucid and full of vitality: the song is very atmospheric and leaves a feeling of impending doom upon me. Considering Swano probably controlled every aspect of "Crimson" it's no surprise at how fucking awesome this album really is: Mikael Akerfeldt only improves it as well with his vocal input, and bluesy guitar solo work.

Maybe there is a bit of a more rock format to the song, I don't give a fuck, this is pure, spirited death metal in the old school vein with absolutely emotive clean-sung vocals that only add to the massiveness of this album: sure this is progressive, but it lacks ANY pretension and as such the whole thing when looked at from an artistic view, it's completely mind-blowing. This is epic like "Eld"-era Enslaved with the progressive touch of Opeth's first two. Maybe a bit heavier in the often-used power chord progressions than the previously mentioned but with a more death metal feel.

Simply put, this is a classic, flawless Swedish death metal album from Swano, what more do you want??