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Not progressive and not death metal, just crap. - 0%

bitterman, October 20th, 2013

You know this "one 40 minute death metal song" is going to be bad just from the very beginning. Immediately, you are slammed with a down tuned Korn riff reminiscent of later day Roadrunner Records angst rock, followed by a clean break that is made "heavy" by turning the distortion pedal on again in a manner eerily reminiscent of 2000s angst-y soft-heavy whine rock. It then goes back to that one Korn riff. This is not going to be a good album, but you throw in the Dan Swanö namesake and "progressive/forward thinking" marketing banter and you could fool the masses into believing this is the best thing since sliced bread.

As with most concept albums, the concept to this album is pretty stupid. It feels like what would happen if Children of Men were turned into a Marvel comic: some dystopian future that seems almost entirely ripped off from the novel. Same themes, same story, except with what I assume are "religious" allusions with the child at the center of this story being a Jesus equivalent. Of course, none of this matters since the music relays none of this imagery and comes off like a 40 minute medley that acts as a garbage plate of ideas that were too terrible to even be featured on an album as bad as the Purgatory Afterglow LP than an actual "song".

For starters, none of the music here is organized or structured in any meaningful way, and it's through sheer randomness that this album has falsely attained the "progressive" tag. From the already mentioned Korn-y beginning, we go to "part 2" of this 10 part song, with no real discernible differences between any of the parts. Dan Swanö belts out his clumsily pieced together tale with the faux-growls that would later influence metalcore, whiny clean vocals, and off putting Sisters of Mercy parodying goth crooning (made worse than it already was on previous goth crowd pandering tune Sacrificed). The music is nothing more than a melange of groove metal crap, cheerful mellow-deaf like the "heavy" parts from Amorphis' Elegy, clean whiny indie rock, and worst of all - the "pretending to be extreme" parts. During these parts fast drums play over what sounds like The Somberlain era Dissection playing their favorite parts from old Capcom video games. The music is stylistically fragmented as already mentioned, but it's also emotionally schizophrenic, randomly going from cheerful and cute little pleasant sounds to a roaring ruckus of faux-aggression going into a Rush derivative section and everything in between. That's not progressive, it's random and nonsensical. This album fails on every level, not really knowing what it wants to accomplish and jumping between parts at random that suggests a group of guys sat in a room and pasted together random parts with no rhyme or reason. If you want progressive music that actually has lasting value, conviction, and doesn't pretend by hiding uneventful crap in a 40 minute display of randomness, pick up the second Atheist album. If you were looking for good Swedish death metal instead, skip Edge of Sanity (and pretty much anything on Black Mark that's not Bathory) altogether and pick up the first Dismember and Entombed albums. This is just an over glorified drink coaster that's more focus group "how will we make people think Edge of Sanity is forward thinking, etc." derived product than the byproduct of artistic intent. Avoid.