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Best song ever written - 100%

RoivasUGO, July 3rd, 2005

Everything that is good and beautiful about metal, fantasy and stories in general is displayed in this 40-minute epic, truly the best song ever written. Swanö did a magnificent job on the lyrics, a story about a torn kingdom, a mysterious chamber with vaults of deadly crimson water, and an evil queen out to destroy the world. The excellent tale is supported by even better music. Starting off with a blast, the album goes from bombastic to softer and melodic to fast and wild and back to bombastic multiple times, sometime throwing in doom and heavy metal bits, mixing in crazy solos, brilliant keyboard support and one hell of a vocalist.

Nothing compares to this song. It's never a few songs tied together, it's never boring, it's never a chain of random pieces of metal. Everything fits. When the Queen tells her people to kill themselves, the music turns hypnotizing, just like the Queen. A mighty roar sounds when war is uphand. A soft and magical part pops in when the spirit of the dead king talks to his servants.

Buy this album. Now. You won't be sorry. And I advise you to at least once listen the whole song with the lyrics sheets in front of you. It is an experience unlike any other.