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Great concept song - 80%

666head, June 3rd, 2008

Edge of Sanity’s Crimson is a helluva technical death metal album that should not, and must not, be missed by any decent heavy metal fan, period.

The album, Crimson, is a single 40 minute track whose flurry of riffs and interludes will astounds you. The track deals with a huge problem humanity faces “x” years into the future, they are infertile, i.e. they can’t breed. As humanity dies off, a new hope is born. The king and queen are able to have a baby girl, and to the remaining people, this is a sign of the gods that humanity is not down for the count just yet. When the princess is a teen though, her father dies, and huge wars are waged in order to see who will be the future king/queen of the humans. After the war is over, and there’s a new king established, some rebels take the princess away, in order to protect her. She soon gains new powers, establishes herself as the queen of humanity, but years later, she is captured and, obviously, raped, and soon has a kid, the future king.

The song’s music is just plain amazing. Depending on which part of the song you’re on, there’s something to be liked about it. The song is just really well done. While it is complex, it seems honest, not over thought, which, to me at least, seems to happen to a lot of progressive/technical metal bands. The riffs sound great, inspired, awesome, fresh and many more positive adjectives which I will not list here. Of special notice on this record are the vocals. The song uses a mixture of clean and cookie monster vocals, to great effect. The mellower parts use a combination of both, the important parts use the clean vocals, and the rest of the song just uses harsh vocals. The rhythm section would be my only complaint though. The bass and the drums don’t really have much of a presence here, and they just, well, keep rhythm, and that’s pretty much it.

Overall, Crimson should be heard by any decent metal fan, though the record doesn’t really tread new ground, musically speaking. The concept is really nice though, since humanity ends by a more or less biological mean rather than itself. Great album.