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EDENBRIDGE - "My Earth Dreams" - 90%

There_Is_No_Escape, September 21st, 2008

Who was it who said, there is always room for a melodic Gothic Metal band with a beautiful singer and a beautiful voice? Actually it was probably me, just then, but lets be fair it is very true. Releasing their new album "My Earth Dream" through Napalm Records", the ever popular Edenbridge come forth with an almost over dramatic sound and a harmony or two that could soar all the way to the heavens. "The Force Within" is a short intro that shows the bands true grandeur before kicking into the fast anf lowing as well as instantly pleasing "Shadowplay". Vocally Edenbridge are not quite operatic but they are clear, defined and very graceful. The riff-age is hard but not overly heavy and suits the blend superbly. "Remember Me" keeps up the theme of a spirited band with a confident dynamic sound whilst "Paramount" adds more of a variance tot he tempo of the album and to the vocalists many talents and styles. "Adamantine" is catcy and well poised whilst the amusingly titles "Whale Rider (So many funny images spring to mind) is soft and subtle as well as sporing a sense of drama and once again grandeur. "Undying Devotion" is one of my favorites and one tof the bands more mature songs, slower in pace and slightly heavier that what came before. If your looking for intricate guitar play then "Fallen From Grace" is for you and almost has a "Phantom Of The Opera" feel too it whilst "Place Of Higher Power" continues with a high and mighty styled sound before reaching the albums climax with the album title track "My Earth Dream", a blend of all Edenbridge's finer points. So a good album from a well manicured and professional band.