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An international collaboration - 55%

oneyoudontknow, January 2nd, 2011

The Internet has made it possible. Such should the headline of this release be, because it sums up the way this release came into being. While bands in the Middle East struggle to get their art done in an appropriate manner and may be willing to turn to Mr. Computer in order to get some assistance, "Poet Of Eclipse" was able to gather some musicians who were willing to support him in his project. Who these were can be read in the additional notes of this demo at the Metal Archives.

Well, four tracks can be found on Eternal Night of Eclipse and except for the third track – this would be an instrumental – all of these are metal ones. Gothic metal is what the band attempts to play and as such a good amount of symphonic facets, along a combination of male and females vocals, can be identified. As the guitars were performed by the guest musicians, their sound and style is actually not bad, but as they are supported by slightly cheesy keyboards, the overall impression of the sound is a rather ambivalent one. Furthermore, the drum-computer does have no positive effect on how the music is perceived as well. Everything sounds a bit too controlled and without emotion. This is by no means limited to the vocals and their impact on the performance, but the way the growls appear and also their style is a bit tiring. So, while some ideas are actually not bad, Ecliptic Dawn is never really able to ignite a spark. Eternal Night of Eclipse is a nice demo and a solid start but nothing more. You can listen to it now and then, but do not expect it to make you sit in awe.

The bottom line of this release would the following:
While the music is well crafted in general and pretty listenable, it lacks a bit of fascination as well as surprising moments.

(edit1: one small edit, as requested by the band)