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Nothing new under the sun - 30%

Kraven_Hellstorm, February 1st, 2013

I remember the time when power metal was at the peak of its popularity. From the beginning to mid 2000's, you could see like 2 or 3 power metal shows per month with good bands like Hammerfall, Helloween, Blind Guardian and so on. But like every trend and this one particularly, it gets old. Epic battles, warriors and quests for magic stuff had their hour of glory, but it's long gone and now it tends to fall into pure and horrible cheesiness. Eclipse Prophecy is not an exception.

The riffs are probably the only highlight here. Nonetheless, after a while you really have the feeling that it's running in circles with overused power chords and chugga-chugg/double bass drum duo. Talking of the drums, it is just flagrant that the guys used drum machine. I mean come on! They have Unexpect drummer Landryx, a very talented musician and we can't even hear him on the album? The mix isn't great either, drums and rythm guitar are too loud, lead guitar is not loud enough!

The flaws of the album? I can give you more than one! First, the keyboard is so cheap that it sounds ridiculous and it's clear that it's all made by computer program. Next time just hire someone who can actually play! The biggest flaws here are surely the vocal and the lyrics. Let's say things this way, David Mc Gregor is not a very good singer and his voice lacks power and range. Keywords here are : random high pitch vocal ripping my ear-drums apart. And do I really have to talk about the lyrics? Just take a look at the song titles, you'll get it pretty fast. Dragons, demons, battles, mighty warriors, that's about it folks! Good lyrics must come naturally, and it looked so forced that it makes it bad!

The battle is raging down on the hills
Demons and dragons are ready to kill
A feast for the flames and life on the edge
The valley is blazing without any grace

Seriously, why would you write lyrics like this when so many bands did the same over the last 30 years?

Eclipse Prophecy? No interest!