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Good Debut - 80%

BlackWidow1992, January 27th, 2008

Earthshaker never received the recognition that Loudness attained here in the US (Heck, I don't even think they had ANY acclaim in the US.), but that doesn't mean that they were terrible in any means. In fact, Earthshaker's debut album is quite good, except for a few minor flaws.

The vocals in this album are great, Masafumi Nishida did a terrific job in the singing department. His singing style is clean and melodic, but still have this raw quality to them that gives the album a certain energy and charm.

The guitar playing on this album is where I deducted some points off. Don't get me wrong, Shinichiro Ishihara is a good guitarist, but his guitar playing on this album is nothing compared to what he would do later on (especially in the band "Sly" with Minoru Niihara from "Loudness"). Some songs don't even have a solo, like "412" for instance, which makes the song a little less enjoyable. Besides that little gripe, the guitar playing is fine.

The rhythm section is good too, but nothing special. The bass playing is solid and the drums are good. I can't really think of anything else to say about them, since nothing really stands out from the other rhythm sections out there.

All the songs are quite good, minus the ballad "I Feel All Sadness". Standout Tracks are "Dark Angel" (written by Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden!), "Wall", "Time is Going", and the title track "Earthshaker".

If you like Japanese metal, or classic metal in general, then you can't go wrong with buying this album. All the songs are sung in Japanese, but the riffs and melodies will make you forget that the lyrics are in Japanese anyways. Great vocals, good guitar playing, and a whole album of solid songs gives this album a B -.