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Awesome Drone - 95%

Woodworship, September 2nd, 2005

Well the first thing I should say about this is that this is not an original Earth release, it is in fact a collection of remixes (not in the moronic dance meaning of the word) by six artists who are inspired by Earth. In case the name Earth doesn’t mean anything to you I will elaborate; Earth were the first band that took it into their heads to try and create some of the most challenging music ever listened to. They produced their first demo in 1990 and from then on the boundaries of music were forever expanded beyond any previous human imagination. Earth inspired the multitude of drone bands that sprung up soon after among the most prolific of these; Sunn O))) and their bowel moving bass noise to the current inhuman noise of bands such as Wolf Eyes and Boris.

Now onto the album, the tracks are all monumental epics that any drone fan simply must own. Mogwai do a wonderful job of remixing the fantastic Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine adding to it with some even weirder noises and making it slightly shorter but perhaps less palatable.
Tibetan Quaaluds is an incredible bass heavy track that is not a long particularly long song by drone standards only 9:29 but definitely is one for those who are fans of Sunn O))) and others such bowel movement inducing bands.

Now track three is in my opinion the finest on this album and the original Earth track – Thrones and Dominions is without doubt their finest work encapsulating all about their musical style and the emotion taken to create such catatonic state inducing music. The track really kicks off just after the 7 minute mark where the rhythm that made the original song so incredible starts. Jim O’Rourke has done a magnificent job on a track that could easily have been ruined in the mix process.

Track 4 (the title is much in keeping with the music; long) is one of Earths more catchy songs and is the shortest on the album standing at a mere 5:35. This is also one of the more varied tracks using some keyboards where there were none before adding and extra underlayer of rhythm to the track. There are even semblances of guitar solo on the track, something that could make or break the track for the listener but I opt for the former. Once again a great job done by a much respected artist (Autechre.)

Track 5 and its mix artist have a lot to live up to Justin Broadrick being the mastermind behind the awesome Godflesh and the up and coming Jesu.
However he manages firmly to do this in my opinion using some highly effective repetition of patterns through out the song yet maintaining the overall satisfying drone feel that Earth created with this song.

Track 6 is the longest on the album and is one I listen to with some trepidation knowing what Sunn O)))’s own music is like and the feelings it inspires. Yet they seem to have abandoned their all encompassing sub-bass noise on their own albums in favour of a more Earth-esque feel using slightly more treble and even some changes in the music more than every 15 minutes. This track maintains everything that Earth put into it and then is given a sort of aural shadow to it that makes one feel, to use a rather bad analogy, that the original track by Earth is being followed by its much bigger, darker cousin. And yet without quite putting the main track in the shadow of the much talked about denizens of stygian darkness Sunn O))) and their work on the song.
In conclusion this album is and absolute must for any fan of drone and has everything from the lighter almost catchy tones of Coda Maestroso In F (Flat) (Track 4) to the black hole-esque doominess of the final track.