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Amazing - 100%

Dopesmoker666, December 6th, 2008

This album, at least for me, is the epitome of perfection. It encapsulates everything that makes me absolutely love drone. It's an added bonus that this was the album that started it all.

The first track is "Seven Angels", the most coherent and musical on the album. The whole song consists of down-tuned, slow, heavy guitar riffs with long, low bass notes playing. While it may be the shortest and most musical on the album, it still clocks in at over 15 minutes and is definitely not for the uninitiated.

"Teeth of Lions Rule the Divine" ups the drone ante even more. It is not riff-based like the previous track, but is a series of long, strung-out chords with lots and lots of distortion and feedback. Overall, I find it to be the "weakest" on the album, but it is still awesome and is over 27 minutes in length.

"Seven Angels" is the third and final track on the album. It is an epic 30 minute masterpiece and one of the best songs my ears have ever had fortune of listening to. The whole song is essentially one long note played by Dylan Carlson. It lasts throughout the whole thing, while Joe Burns plays percussion at certain times (not like you would think, though. The "percussion" consists mainly of a few cymbal and tom hits). How they got the note to sustain throughout the whole song is absolutely beyond me, but god damn it, I'd love to be able to do that.

This album is legendary. It has spawned many worshippers of Earth's trademark early sound all the while staying underground with barely anyone having heard of it. I advise going to your local record store to see if you can find a copy on vinyl. This is one album that is truly enhanced to otherworldly levels when played on a turntable.