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Into The Abyss - 95%

K2GM, January 10th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Hammerkrieg Productions (Limited edition)

EYF.. An amazing depressive band from the frigid wasteland that is Montana. Rumors that have circulated tells me that EYF stands for Everything You Fear. Wether or not this is true I feel in the context of this album and their music as a whole it very well is true. They released an EP called Malignant back in 2016 which was a great testament to what more they had to offer to the rest of the masses. With only one member listed in the band’s line up it also adds mystery to who else (if anyone) might have attributed to this chilling, abysmal, and bleak atmosphere this music creates.

When To Be Erased was released I quickly hopped on the opportunity to pick up this album, for I had heard it was in the works for a while and was very eager to hear what else they could deliver. Let me tell you this I was far from disappointed.

The opening track “Descending” opens with an eerie almost slightly muffled speaking part that sets the tone for the rest of the track, then the music starts with a slightly chilling guitar riff and then a boisterous crash and kick of the drums. Then as if like the scream of a banshee in the dead of night the vocals hit you, only to continue to haunt you through the rest of the track. The title of the track is very appropriately named for with the drums, haunting vocals and the oddly uplifting yet very dreary and somber guitar it feels as though are are descending into something akin to madness maybe even depression.

The following track (Further) truly captures the continual descent into the madness. The opening even more eerie than the last track due to the very muffled speech, to the point where you can’t even really tell what is being talked about, then getting hit with a chilling squeal on then guitar and a blast drums. The speed is faster dragging you deeper in the to dark abyss of music. The vocals mixed to the point where they are barely heard leaving you to wonder what is happening what is being said. It almost is as if it’s is just a cacophony of noises in rhythm with the rest of the music but you know there is actual lyrics. Then finishing with a creepy acoustic guitar and a laugh that would only fit a madman who has been lost to madness, the listener slightly uncomfortable yet satisfied given the genre they play to.

This album was an amazing follow up to the EP that came before. This band drags you down into an unknown abyss that is dark with no light at the end of the tunnel no shapes to even begin to tell you where you are at. All you have is the sound that is your descent into the darkness hoping it will lead you out or leave you maddened. Wether or not EYF stands for Everything You Fear or not, this album will embody everything you fear.