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"I only came here to do two things..." - 85%

kd, February 16th, 2004

Four sickos from America's dairyland playing guttural brutal death metal. That's pretty funny. But I guess nothing out of the ordinary as we all know both Dahmer and Gein both hail from Wisconsin... This album actually surprised me... I thought these guys, after releasing a killer split with Ohio's sickass Dislimb would, for lack of a better word, "drop the ball on their full-length"... my skepticism was crushes after downloading this from the band's website. The riffs have lots of groove and there's even a few leads! This album actually reminds me of the Skinless' "Foreshadowing Our Demise" riff-wise, but with SLAMS...not weak ones like later Internal Bleeding. Only difference, the riffs are more varied and tend to have a LOT more groove than that of Skinless (And the vocalist doesn't suck). The drummer blasts, blasts and blasts...while there are slower parts. The best part of the album is the vocals, and boy what a vokillist he is...he spews gore vomits, shrieks, a few barks, and belches... Also, another part of this album is the samples, not stupid zombieflick samples over-and-over like Mortician, but hilarious samples, with people like, getting their ass kicked for making fun of potheads, for example: "I only camee here to do two things, man; kick some ass and drink some beers, looks like we're almost out of beer" . At any rate, check these cheeseheads' album out. It's sicker than a SARS-infested AIDS clinic!