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Pure Combat - 94%

psychoticnicholai, January 1st, 2018
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Unique Leader Records

Okay, now this is some really heavy, meaty, dense, thick, brutish metal that is as forceful as being impaled on rebar. Dyscarnate had slight traces of grooviness on their last album, but With All Their Might notches that up to the point where this mix of death and groove metal feels purely warlike and combative with all of the heft and kinesis necessary to knock over a tank. Bottom line, this is metal that's meant to be chest-beatingly manly and gives no quarter with its sonic assault. It's the kind of stuff that makes you want to start swinging your fists around and stomping your feet in unison to the forceful guitars. It does this in a way that commands the listener's attention and stamps its rhythmic imprint into your memory in an exceptional manner. This is probably one of the most solid metal albums released in 2017, showing rock-solid songwriting, forceful grooves, and a soundscape of pure combat.

The first thing you'll notice about With All Their Might is just how much sheer force is behind everything on this album. The guitars are big, loud, thick, and play riffs that pound like artillery. The bass is meaty and concussive. The drums are equally explosive and add far more force to the whole thing. The whole instrumental section of this is a pure, gut-rupturing kick in the chest and the vocals from both long-timer Tom Whitty and new-comer Al Llewellyn are barbaric enough to send the force level on this album into the stratosphere. Dyscarnate pack their songs full of this kind of brick-thick aggression and never let up, even on the few slow passages they maintain an imposing and mighty posture. "Iron Strengthens Iron" is positively anthemic with how much of a kick in the face the punchy, imposing riffs and rhythmic growling vocals feel like. Syncopation, rhythm, and bounce are really important to the strength of this album and it stays solidly consistent throughout. "Backbreaker" makes this assault into something catchy, and "Traitors in the Palace" works with a slow build that turns into a marching chant shouting "MAKE WAY FOR THE KING" in a way that feels like the ominous triumph of battle. These elements super-charge this album and makes you want to come back for another beating.

The songs this album runs on keep all of their momentum going and tightly wound like the gears in a massive machine. Nothing feels bloated and all the riffs, drum fills, and vocal lines fit perfectly into place. Despite how thick and meaty this album sounds, the meat in question is lean, no time is wasted, and the songs mostly make an effort to be distinct with mighty riffs and twin vocal deliveries that never slouch and always try hard to rope the listener into their violence. "All The Devils Are Here" is a great example of this, with a swinging vocal delivery, sledgehammer guitars, and machine-gun drum fills in a combined assault on your eardrums. The songwriting on here makes it so that their songs are memorable and that those memories are stamped into your mind like a press. I always appreciate bands that try to stand out, especially when it's something this good.

With All Their Might is a metallic killing machine of an album. Everything comes at you like artillery and the whole thing overwhelms you with loud riffs, booming vocals, and punishing drums that create a sound that's primed for war. The songwriting is belligerent without ever becoming mindless, the songs do their best to distinguish their mighty musical methods from each other. It will have you stomping from the first second to the very end. The heft displayed on this is one of a kind and makes it one of the best death metal albums out in 2017.