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Boring? I beg to differ. - 75%

Mailman__, August 2nd, 2018

Oftentimes called the most boring Dying Fetus albums, War of Attrition was never received very well by anyone other than a few diehard fans such as myself.  That doesn't mean it isn't my least favorite album by them (because it is), but that also doesn't mean it's bad, because even saying that this is Dying Fetus' worst album isn't saying much.  Released in 2007, it was hard to recover after lineup changes between the past two albums.  To me, this album isn't anything musically special, but it is an album that proves that Dying Fetus can still release good music while undergoing continuous lineup changes.

Although the well-known Dying Fetus riffing style is still very present on this album, it doesn't seem to have its typical edge.  It seems dulled down from Stop at Nothing.  Even the sweeping leads seem to have lost their spark.  There are moments, however, such as the breakdown halfway through "Raping the System" where their trademark can be seen.  This breakdown almost reminds me of their Killing on Adrenaline days.  I would say that about half of this album is filled with moments like these.  It's not entirely up to par with their other releases, but there are moments where it is.

Then there are parts where the album is just plain boring.  For example, the entirety of "Insidious Repression."  This track isn't incredibly mindnumbing, but it's just streamlined tremolo picking for the most part, and when it starts to pick up, it dies off seconds later due to poor songwriting choices.  It does get a little better towards the end, but it doesn't make up for anything.

It turns out that these dulled-down and boring moments are mostly on three songs: the one mentioned in the above paragraph, "Fate of the Condemned," and "The Ancient Rivalry."  I feel like these songs are the source of the album's dryness because the other five sound fine to me.  Are the remaining songs perfect?  No!  Are they bad?  Absolutely not.  What the three weak songs needed was flow.  However, they didn't have flow, causing them to lack direction.  The five good tracks kept a consistent flow throughout them, and that made them stand out as Dying Fetus songs.  I feel like the reason this album gets so much hate is because everyone focuses on how poorly written these three tracks are, and then the rest of the album, because it isn't as good as their other material, becomes vulnerable to condemnation.  Because if a few tracks are bad, then they all are.

There isn't much else to say about the album.  The production is normal for Dying Fetus, and their production is almost never worth talking about.  The tracks on this album are iffy.  The songwriting is not their best, and it isn't really a classic.  It's just one of those albums that you're able to enjoy, but not one of those albums that immediately comes to mind when you want to listen to some Fetus.

Overall Rating: 75%

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