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Stops A Bit... But Carries On... - 82%

MorturomDemonto, December 7th, 2006

Dying Fetus have morphed from goregrind (early material) to a Deathgrind band with socio-political lyrics. However this certainly is not a bad thing, however socio=political lyrics can annoy few, if read and listened to too many times, but this change does not really bother me.

Their first song "Schematics" opens with an extremely low pitch-shifted growl moving from left to right and back and forth and then pummels you face-flat onto the ground. A thrashier section follows with raging vocals and the hate settles in. Dying Fetus is here to stop at nothing.

"One Shot, One Kill" is by far the best song on this album. The opening riff of this song is by far one of the catchiest riffs in Deathgrind, along with the seemingly fit drums that thrash and pummel their way through the madness. This one just goes for gold. It just pounds you shitless and leaves you wanting more.

The third song, "Institutions Of Deceit" tends to lean towards and more punk/grind feel. The constant blastbeats and punk-induced snare frenzy make this song hard to get into. I'ts just not memorable; a lot of masturbatory, extremely abstract riffing, which don't really cut it. However the mid-section riffs just owns.

"Abandon All Hope" opens with a sick riff hellbent on murder and mayhem. This song tends to have a more slow paced beat to it, however it still beats the fuck out of you. It is absolutely aptly titled. Everything about this song is technical, from the opening riff to the solo to the end.

The next two songs, "Forced Elimination", "Stop At Nothing" are just really your typical Technical Death Metal/Grind tracks. Not a lot stands out here, except the solos (which are always technical) and I was quite disappointed with the title track "Stop At Nothing". I really thought it would completely destroy everything.

"Onslaught Of Malice" is a good song, the opening riff shows you that Dying Fetus are back from being a normal Death Metal/Grind to a serious outfit. This song is extremely technical.

Probably my second favorite song, "Vengeance Unleashed" is extremely technical and catchy. The fretwork is insanely precise and acrobatic. This song is probably the most melodic one on this album. One of the very last section has a very Melodic Death Metal feel to it.

Overall, this album is pretty good, worth buying and listening to, however like I said before socio-political lyrics can annoy, so be ready, but music wise, the technicality and brutality encountered on this album make up for the lyrics and two typical Death Metal/Grind songs.

One Shot, One Kill, One Off? - 80%

Apophis, March 18th, 2004

Much has been made of the fact that this is a completely different Dying Fetus lineup to any previous album.

So what?

That pretty much sums up the only reason, and a pretty pathetic one at that, why some supposed fans have taken the opportunity to lambast a perfectly good and grooving death metal album

Admittedly this is noteably more soundalike to their hardcore punk influences, but there is still more than enough death metal on here to keep any sane person rocking the hell out. For want of a better comparison, i'd compare the sound on this release to that of Hatebreed meets early Decapitated with a sprinkling of signature Morbid Angel thrown into the mix.

Admittedly it's not THE best death metal i've heard and i'd not argue that point, but the fact is that it's not going to do you a great deal of harm to listen to this album or see the band live and have a damn good time rocking the hell out to a band that wants to rock.

And yes I do think it's better than 'Destroy The Opposition'. Easily better/
The quality does taper off occasionally but no more than mortal bands do..

Stops for nothing - 82%

langstondrive, June 19th, 2003

Where can I begin? This new album by death metal masters Dying Fetus showcases some of their best material in recent memory. The album starts off flying and never slows down for a second. Each song is filled with buzzsaw guitars and blast beats from beginning to end. Combined with the duel low end vocals that Dying Fetus possesses, this is sure to please any death metal fan.

The album opens up with "Schematics", which is a medium paced thrasher with a "catchy" (can we say that about death metal?) chorus to boot. Following it is One Shot, One Kill, which i think is the best song on the album. It features a much faster beat than the opener with well written riffs and changes. The next few cuts (Abandon All Hope, Institutions of Deciet) may remind one a lot of older (a la Reign In Blood) Slayer with its speed metal riffs and fast paced vocals. The last few songs aren't as memorable, as they sound basically like a mixture of the first few.

"Stop at Nothing", although it has 8 tracks and only clocks at 35 minutes is still a hefty piece of death metal for anybody that is looking for something to listen to while pissed off.